Obesity Linked to Cognitive Decline

Obesity Linked to Metabolic Decline

There are many things that can adversely impact our mental status.  A new study, published in the journal Neurology, has made it more clear that obesity, high blood pressure and metabolic disorders are linked to cognitive decline.  For the purpose of this study metabolic disorders that were monitored were: high blood pressure or taking medication for it; low HDL or “good” cholesterol; high blood sugar or taking diabetes medication; and high triglycerides (a type of fat found in the blood) or taking medication to lower cholesterol.  The study included over 6,000 people who were monitored and tested over 10 years.  Three memory tests were taken over ten years to determine which factors were linked to memory declines and which did not.

The research found that over the 10-year study, people who were both obese and metabolically abnormal experienced a 22.5 % faster decline on their mental function test scores than those who were of normal weight without metabolic abnormalities.

Some people have suggested that there is a “metabolically healthy obesity.”  This study seemed to refute this premise since obesity without metabolic risk factors still showed significant cognitive decline compared to the non-obese.


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