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Eighty percent of agoraphobics dramatically improve with dietary counseling and nutritional supplementation.  Abbey LC. Agoraphobia.  J Orthomolecular Psychiatry  11:243-259, 1982.

Ninety percent of anxiety cases can be dramatically improved with the combination of counseling and nutritional supplementation that follows the guidelines of NeuroResearch using Monoamine Transporter OptimizationThomas M. Collins Chiropractic, Inc. uses these protocols for the resolution of anxiety. More information can be found at  and  Anxiety Consults

Caffeine consumption aggravates anxiety, particularly in panic disorders. Bruce M, Lander M. Caffeine abstension in the management of anxiety disorders. Psychol Med 19: 211-14, 1989.  Also, Lee MA et al.  Anxiety and caffeine consumption in people with anxiety disorders.  Psychiatry Res  15: 211-17, 1985.  Also, Charney DS et al. Increased anxiogenic effects of caffeine in panic disorders.  Arch Gen Psychiatry  42: 233-243, 1985.  Also, Ulhde TW et al. Caffeine and behavior.  Psychopharm Bull 20 (3): 426-30, 1984.  Also, Greden JF. Anxiety or caffeinism.  Am J Psychiatry  Oct, 1974.

Alcohol consumption can contribute to anxiety. Monteiro MG et al. Subjective feelings of anxiety in young men after ethanol…  Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 51 (1): 12-16, 1990.