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Dramatic improvement of symptoms in 100% of patients

Fibromyalgia is a widespread pain syndrome characterized by persistent pain on both left and right side of the body and above and below the waist. In the past, for a definitive diagnosis 11 of 18 tender points on the body were identified.

pain_smallBut there are no definitive laboratory tests.  In part it is a diagnosis of exclusion…ruling out other diagnoses. In reality, fibromyalgia is just a word applied to a constellation of symptoms which include muscle tenderness, generalized aches, sleeping disorders, fatigue, mental clarity and/or emotional issues, headaches, joint pains, and restless legs.  It is more important to realize that all these varied symptoms point to a disturbance in brain neurotransmitter balance that is at the heart of the problem.

Traditional therapies do not treat the cause of the symptoms. The Protocols that we use and are advocated and thoroughly researched by NeuroResearch have been 100% effective at relieving symptoms since data has been compiled from 2002. They include targeted natural nutritional and herbal supplements that restore optimal brain neurotransmitter function.

Stress, trauma or chemical neurotoxic damage causes an increased need for brain neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. Restoring those neurotransmitters with precise nutrient supplementation to levels that help the brain function at its best is the answer. We start with progressively increasing dosages of nutrients until an individual finds the dosage that is most symptom-relieving. We use urine tests to determine the optimal nutrient dosages. Patients can improve in a few short weeks.

We start with a consult to get a clear picture of each individual’s unique clinical profile. The patient then begins a starting dosage of nutrients for 1 week. Another follow-up consultation can determine how the patient has responded to the initial dosing. If numbberedrangesymptoms are not dramatically relieved in one week we then have a urine test run so we can make more precise dosing changes.  This is called Monoamine Transporter Optimization.  Some individuals need a very precise dosing for their particular neurological insult to be best resolved and we can get this precise personalized dosing of nutrients by consulting with NeuroResearch doctors on the lab tests.

So if you or any loved ones have Fibromyalgia and want to resolve it successfully, naturally and quickly with scientifically proven results contact us to start on a cost-effective health enhancement program. Call 707-566-7396.