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Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches can be truly incapacitating. But there are 100% safe and effective natural measures that do not require medications for the correction of this prevalent health issue. Many people who think they have migraine headaches actually have a different form of headache and this needs to be adequately addressed. Read  Correcting Headaches Naturally for a full discussion of the subject including migraines.

For those that are sure they have migraine headaches and want to use a 100% effective, safe and natural method we can start you on a brain neurotransmitter nutritional replenishment program that will do the job.  This is called Monoamine Transporter Optimization.  For more information about this protocol go to the  Nutritional Protocols   heading and click on the relevant files.  Then call our office for an appointment (707-566-7396).  There is no reason to be in pain and no reason to take medications when nutrients can do the job better.