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Stress Management Course Introduction

Stress can be looked at like a life challenge.  We need life challenges to change, adapt, grow, and thrive.  Too intense of a stress or life challenge though can cause mental and/or physical trauma.  For instance, exercise is generally good for our health but if we suddenly, without training, decide to run a marathon at top speed we will suffer significant bodily injuries.

Small stresses or challenges that are too frequent can overcome our ability to adapt and also cause physical and/or mental ill health.  The typical example of this is repetitive strain injuries that can occur with repeated long hours of typing.  Typing a short letter can hardly be considered a stress.  But type eight hours a day, seven days a week, for years and years and we can develop debilitating carpal tunnel syndrome.

Having a reasonable amount of moderate stress without the personal skills or social resources to handle them will also result in poor health outcomes.  Driving in rush hour traffic can be moderately stressful to most people, but we can handle it.  But take a beginner driver with his first time behind the wheel and dump him in rush hour traffic, disaster is likely because he is not equipped with the necessary skills, practice, social support while learning to be able to handle that moderate level of stress.

We need a balance of life challenges and we need to be equipped with the knowledge, skills and support to succeed.  This will make us stronger, healthier, and happier.  This course on stress management is designed to help us navigate a life full of varied challenges.  It will also help us develop the knowledge, skills and resources for that journey.

Each class in this free Stress Management Course will address different strategies for improving our health in the face of everyday life stressors.  Take your time and fully participate in the exercises.  For each individual some classes may be more useful than others.  Use the resources provided for more in depth health improvement.