4 Panel Brochures

1. How can I personalize the 4 panel brochures?

You can use a label or a stamp that has been designed for glossy stock to add your office information. If you are wanting more than 500 and want them personalized see the next FAQ

2. What if I want a larger number of one brochure but I want my office info printed on it?

We can add a logo and office information and special order these for you. Send us an email at MTO@healthyselfnow.com. We will get back to you with a quote.

3. How much is shipping?

Free shipping to the continental US. For orders outside email us for a quote.

4. How long does it take to get my brochures?

We process orders within two days of getting them. We send them standard US mail. We are happy to expedite them for an additional charge, just let us know.

Letter size Digital Brochures

Can I personalize these brochures with my clinic’s name and information?
Yes, most certainly! You can open and personalize them with Adobe Reader 5.0 or later. You can download the latest version of Adobe Reader for free here. It is the global standard for opening PDF files and works with both PC’s and Macs.
The letter size files have a space on the second page for adding your office information.

What kind of files am I purchasing?
All PDF’s are 300dpi, full color and Print Ready.
In other words, these files have been formatted to be printed in your office or at a quick printer. The bonus two-page, letter size brochures were made to easily print on your office printer. While the four-panel brochures have been proven to be more effective, if you need to quickly hand out the information these will do the trick. They print full color or black and white, front and back or one side and can be stapled together.  They also can be personalized and attached to emails for marketing to patients.

How many can I print?
The good news is you can print as many as you want, forever.
The copyright for design, and text remains with Thomas M. Collins, DC. Image rights have been purchased by us. You can not resell the PDF file or printed Brochures to anyone else.

Can I change the text or photos on the brochures?
No. These brochures have been specifically written and designed for each protocol. All copy and pictures are copyright protected.

Can I re-download these files in the future if I need to?
The original download link lasts for 72 hours and each file can be downloaded 4 times. Should you loose the file in the future send us your original receipt showing purchase and we can send you the files again.

Other Protocols
We are open to feedback so please let us know how we can improve upon these or give us suggestions for other titles.
Email Dr. Collins at TMC@healthyselfnow.com.