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Look well to the spine for the cause of disease.

Find out more about  Chiropractic  care.

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Allergy and Environmental Illness

Some excellent sites for effectively dealing with allergies to foods, inhalants, chemicals, microbes, and other forms of environmental illness.

American Academy of Environmental Medicine—  Where you will find a researchable database for the most progressive physicians in North America who treat allergies of all kinds.

The  Environmental Health Center is one of the most advanced treatment centers for environmental illness.

Dr. Doris Rapp Resource Center  is operated by one of the world’s foremost authorities on pediatric allergy.

Environmed Research Allergy Health Information Center is a superb site of helpful, accurate, scientific info on allergy

Fitness and Exercise

Too much rest is rust.
                                    Sir Walter Scott

Our Free Exercise Basics Course has some very informative information on balanced exercise and play.  There are Guidelines for aerobic conditioning, flexibility, strength training, coordination improvement, and healthy leisure activity.  There are also more resource links there.

An excellent site for support for your fitness needs: Fitness

Advanced Biochemical Testing

Genova Diagnostics is one of the most progressive labs which specialize in testing for Doctors of Natural Medicine.


This site will lead to excellent resources to help you stop smoking: How to Quit

Another site: Quit Smoking Support.

Sports Medicine Journal Articles

Bodily exercises are to be done discretely;
not to be taken evenly and alike by all men.
                                       Thomas à Kempis

Resources for Mental Health

Life is an endless process of self-discovery.

                                    John Gardner

The Stress Management Courseon this website has numerous important resources for further investigation.

Brain Biochemistry and Mental Health

NeuroResearch Institute educates doctors on how to balance the brain’s neurotransmitter levels for optimal functioning with Monoamine Transporter Optimization: NeuroSupport.

One of the most informative sites is  Neuroscience Myths.


Improved mental functioning from EEG biofeedback:

The most extensive biofeedback link site:

Personality Assessments

For an interesting personality test check out this site: is an excellent site for exploring your Enneatype.

Computerized Brain Efficiency Enhancement has both a hearing and vision training regimen proven to increase brain processing speed and memory. They are working on a hand full of other training programs for scientifically training the nervous system for better function.  Lumosity is another computerized brain training site.  Others include: Games for the Brain, Fit Brains, Free Brain Games.