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 Improving Liver Function and Detoxification Capacity

The liver is a major detoxification organ in the body. Allowing it to do it’s job requires that we care for it well. This means not exposing our body to environmental toxins. Tobacco, alcohol, and medications are the most frequently abused insulting agents to our liver. Other chemical contaminants and exposures include, pesticides, herbicides, air pollution, and infectious agents such as hepatitis viruses. We must reduce all harmful exposures to a bare minimum (some medications may be life threatening to discontinue). Avoiding harmful agents is particularly important when we have a blood test showing high liver enzymes or tests which reveal fatty degeneration of the liver.

To improve liver health an organic, vegetarian diet void of hidden food allergens is the first step. Short term fasting can also be used. Nutritional and botanical supplementation such as Silymarin can be very helpful.  Cysteine, an amino acid, supplementing ones diet can help the body produce glutathione, a powerful detoxifying agent.  Four thousand five hundred milligrams of Cysteine daily in combination with 75 milligrams of 5HTP and 750 mg of tyrosine should be a very helpful preventive detox formula for nearly everyone.  People with more significant health problems need a more specific detoxification formula and biochemistry balancing guided by Monoamine Transporter OptimizationDr. Collins can prescribe such a protocol upon request. Two helpful resources for a natural approach to detoxification and liver rejuvenation are the books: Staying Healthy with Nutrition by Elson Haas, M.D. from Celestial Arts and The 20 Day Rejuvenation Diet Program by Jeff Bland, Ph.D. from Keats Publishing. Both books should be in every home for ongoing natural health reference.