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Neuronal Bundle Damage Screening Test

Relative Nutritional Deficiency Indicators

New scientific studies coming out of NeuroResearch Clinics have indicated a new model for correcting many previously puzzling diseases, including the ones below.  Looking through the lens of advanced neurological research, diseases which, on the surface, seem to be quite different are now appearing to have more in common.  The most significant element they have in common is neuronal bundle damage, or simply nerve injury.  The nerves in certain bundles, different for different diseases, have sustained some significant damage and are less able to properly conduct electrical signals that direct the mind and body’s functions.  The damage can come from physical trauma like a concussion; chemical insult such as pesticide poisoning, chemical contamination or medication reaction; prolonged emotional stress; severe infection; or just a genetic predisposition.  This then sets up a relative nutritional deficiency state where the body and brain need more supplemental nutrients to make extra neurotransmitters so the nerves can function back at their normal signaling capability.

Each person might need a different ratio of nutrients to get their nerves working right.  Urine tests can be used to precisely fine tune the ideal nutrient dosing and ratio for each individual.

The bad news is that now we know there are more cases of this nerve damage rampant in the population.  The good news is it is now correctable with simple nutrient supplements guided by lab tests instead of harmful drugs.

To test whether it is likely you have a condition that is caused by neuronal bundle damage and correctable with nutritional supplementation take the screening test below.

In your mental notepad check all conditions with which you suffer:

(  )Parkinson’s disease
(  )Obesity
(  )Bulimia
(  )Anorexia
(  )Depression
(  )Anxiety
(  )Panic Attacks
(  )Migraine Headaches
(  )Tension Headaches
(  )Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
(  )Menopausal Symptoms
(  )Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
(  )Impulsivity
(  )Obsessionality
(  )Chronic Insomnia
(  )Aggression
(  )Inappropriate Aggression
(  )Inappropriate Anger
(  )Psychotic Illness
(  )Fibromyalgia
(  )Chronic fatigue syndrome
(  )Adrenal fatigue/burnout
(  )Hyperactivity
(  )Hormone dysfunction
(  )Adrenal dysfunction
(  )Dementia
(  )Alzheimer’s disease
(  )Traumatic Brain Injury
(  )Phobias
(  )Chronic Pain
(  )Nocturnal Myoclonus (Restless Leg Syndrome)
(  )Irritable Bowel Syndrome
(  )Crohn’s Disease
(  )Ulcerative Colitis
(  )Cognitive Deterioration
(  )Organ System Dysfunction
(  )Chronic Stress
(  )Cortisol Dysfunction

If you do not suffer from any of the above conditions then it is unlikely that you have a relative nutritional deficiency caused by neuronal bundle damage.  If you have one condition noted above, there is an 80% chance that you could benefit from specific nutritional supplementation to correct a probable nutritional deficiency related to a neurotransmitter disease.  If you have 3 or more conditions it is almost certain you need extra nutrients to return your nervous system to more optimal functioning and to resolve the health issues in question.

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